The Project

ADeAPTIVE is a transnational project that aims at improving and implementing innovative learning ecosystems for students and teachers to increase the quality of education and training in Europe. 

Thanks to the project:

- Students will find a student-centred learning paradigm thanks to adaptive online learning applications

- Professors will have at disposal easy-to-use online platform with automatic evaluation systems to manage diversity which will make teaching more efficient and effective

- HEI administrators and experts in education will research for a modern, more strategic an integrated use of ICTs and open education resources (OER) in the educational system. 


1. Development of gamification techniques for e-learning platforms in order to increase interest and decrease drop-out rates in the student community.

2. Development of adaptive e-learning tools which adapt themselves according to the level of the user’s digital skills in order to make e-learning courses available and more inclusive for students with different proficiency digital skills.


3. Development of automatic evaluation tools targeted to individual performance as group dynamics for online platforms in order to offer an automatic personalised attention to the students aiming to improve attainment by fostering their performance as an individual students but also their social interaction as a way of personal enhancement.


4. Investigation and development of new methodologies thanks to the interaction between the different partners.


5. Implementation of these techniques in concrete on-line platforms in order to test the easiness of the implementation process.


6. Conduction of real-life tests in order to measure the impact of the innovative approaches.


7. Intensive dissemination of the results in order in the partners’ institutions and beyond, making this project a best-case resource easy to implement in other e-learning tools. 









The Results will be developed  through the production and dissemination of Intellectual Outputs and the organisation of a series of conferences to disseminate the advantages of e-learning with adaptive techniques, gamification, and automatic evaluation. Higher Educational Stakeholders and policy-makers will get in contact with these technologies to get to know the necessary requirements to implement them from a technical and policy point of view.

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