Report: Digital Innovation for Students' Success in Higher Education

The report on the final ADeAPTIVE event " Digital Innovation for Students' success in Higher Education" of 2 December 2020 is now available online!

The COVID pandemic has made digital innovation more compelling than ever. What are the best pedagogical practices that can contribute to students’ success in higher education?

Guided by this question the conference started from an introduction on the current situation of the online education analysing how the policy makers in the EU are dealing with the new digital frontiers.

Durin the event, moderated by Maria Giulia Palocci (EucA), Sacha Gomez (UAM) and Tuula Nousiainen (Jyväskylä University) partners of ADeAPTIVE presented the ongoing ADeAPTIVE research done on students’ performances and on the tools and techniques for innovation in online education.

The event was organised in the framework of the LLLWeek, the annual conference of LifeLong Learning Platform in collaboration with the European Parliament.

Click here to download the Report!