Does the confinement help university students' performances?

A new article on a research conducted by Eurecat and UAM (Universitat Autonòma de Madrid) , in the framework of ADeAPTIVE, has been published on the catalan newspaper Betevé and on Catalunya Radio.

The Eurecat technology center has studied 458 students in three different subjects at the UAM over the last three years. Although the differences in teaching staff, and methodology, the research arises that during the coronavirus confinement the marks have risen between 1 and 2 points out of 10.

Researcher Laia Subirats points out that the cause of this improvement is in both students and teachers. "Students are more motivated and work more continuously and teachers are also more interested," she says.

The results of the study reinforce the idea of ​​researchers: online platforms in academia have a positive effect and are the future.

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