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ERASMUS+: KA2 - Cooperation for Innovations and the Exchange of Good Practices

KA203- Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education

AGREEMENT N.: 2017-1-ES01-KA203-038266

The project focus mainly on the production and dissemination of intellectual outputs. 

The objective is to improve the users' motivation when using e-Learning environments by creating applications that are adapted to their gamer profiles. Moreover a study of the most adequate gamification techniques related to users’ gamer profile is conducted.


Download  the first Results. 

Activities are divided in 3 groups: 

-  Tools to measure and manage different levels of digital skills

-  Study of the different levels of digital skills detected and recommendations

- Automatic evaluation and self-evaluation tools for online platforms



UAM has developed a set of pilot experiences where the evaluation and

self-evaluation of students has been tested in many different areas. 

Download the Results.

This intellectual output will compile the best practices in e-learning using the new technologies which are developed during the project. The expected impact is certainly a change in education professionals' mind-set regarding e-learning and new opportunities. 

 Appropriate material to implement pilot experiences in organizations that are not the ones from the collaborators of the previous IOS will be created. Together with that Data analysis from those transversal pilot experiences will be done and all the material produced will be published freely on internet.

It will gather all teaching resources created by Professors for the e-learning courses. It will include the core content of the e-learning platform.