Intellectual Output 3

Study of the different learning strategies detected

and recommendations

Education systems in Europe need to realise that the student-centred learning-experience is key to the future of our continent. This output will develop conclusions obtained from data analysis in shape of reports and recommendations compiling the best practices in e-learning using the new-technologies developed during the project.

Study on ‘an entrepreneurship 2D-game’ for refugees : methodology and results.

UCLL created different courses: ‘an entrepreneurship 2D-game’ for refugees wanting to start a

business of their own, a networked course for international entrepreneurs and a course on social entrepreneurship for teachers either with a refugee background or teaching refugee children.

All courses were situated in a non-formal context and are organised for adult learners from different backgrounds, from different countries of origin and, more importantly for AdeAptive, with different pedagogical concepts. The report shows the methodology and the results. 


Patricia Huion

UC Limburg

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