Intellectual Output 2

Adaptive e-Learning Platform

The activities  of this output are divided in 3 groups: 

- Tools to measure and manage different levels of digital skills

- Study of the different levels of digital skills detected and recommendations

- Automatic evaluation and self-evaluation tools for online platforms

Results and Information about pilot experiences on evaluation and self-evaluation.

UAM has developed a set of pilot experiences where the evaluation and self-evaluation of students have been tested in many different areas. 

This deliverable presents the results and information about the subjects, the number of students, the material used in the experiences and their main conclusions.

The purpose is to give the objective data related to the pilot experiences and their main conclusions in order to facilitate the creation of useful material for the following years and, in general, for being used for a wider community.


Sacha Gómez 

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM)

Study on the most suitable e-learning platform model available for e-learning.

The report identifies, through a detailed evaluation, the most suitable e-learning platform model available on the market. Different platforms are evaluated and compared based on parameters such as user-friendliness, flexibility to manage contents, layout or the interaction possibility between trainers and teachers among others. part from Moodle, such as Open edX, Edmodo and Wordpress have been studied. Each selected platform has its own functionalities, origin, and openness, and the best e-learning platform which adapts to the project has been selected: Moodle.


Laia Subirats, Alvaro Martín


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