Intellectual Output 2

Adaptive e-Learning Platform

The activities  of this output are divided in 3 groups: 

- Tools to measure and manage different levels of digital skills

- Study of the different levels of digital skills detected and recommendations

- Automatic evaluation and self-evaluation tools for online platforms


A18: development of friendly-user and free Access versions of the applications 

A33: creation of first version of feedback methodology and tools to prevent wrong use of the application 

A35: creation of feedback methodology and tools to prevent wrong use of the application by the students based on feedback from first year pilot experience. 

A37: development of friendly-user and free Access versión of the applications 


A11: Creation of general end user computer skills, learning procedures and social media self-management evaluation methods by using adaptive tests. 

Author: UAM

A12, A13, A14, A15, A16: Developing of tools and pilot experiences related to Computer Skills. 

A17, A25: Third year piloting experiences on digital skills and analysis of students’ apparent computer skills. 

Author: UAM

A22, A23 A24: Design and development of data analyser for e-learning application. 


A31: Create contents and guidelines for the students in order to facilitate their activities related to the competencies of information, communication, content-creation, safety and problem-solving. 

Author: UAM

A26: Determination of the best methodology to analyse formal and informal computer skills. 


A32, A34, A36: Piloting experiences on self-evaluation 

Author: UAM

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