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CESC 2019

International Conference on “Communication and Education in Knowledge Society”, 4th Edition: Innovative instruments for community development Timisoara, Romania, October 17-19, 2019

The proposed focus of the CESC 2019 is on the theme of Innovative instruments for community development. While lots of very useful processes have individual outcomes, community development is focused both on individuals and groups: interventions with collective outcomes which change the collective lives of the community as a whole. This year’s conference proposes stimulating reflection and dialogue on how could the communication and education increase the progress and development of communities, in some of the most complex social, cultural, political and economic contexts today.

The purpose is to address specific topics within the five main frames of the conference: communication, information and media literacy, education, international relations, political sciences and applied philosophy.

Therefore, the 2019 edition is focused on discovering innovative ways to develop nowadays communities, whether we are referring to cultural, organizational or geographical ones. This year’s conference aims to create the perfect environment for constructive dialogues on what kind of instruments one could use in contribution to solving the most pressing educational, social, cultural, geopolitical and economic issues we are confronted with today.